Friday, May 13, 2011

our first stop: rome!

Golden shadows spilling onto the magnificent facades of the walls facing the cobbled piazza. Sunglight dripping down the walls and into the cracks between cobblestones. Light reflected in the clean and clear water of the fountain. Mopeds and taxis and oh-so-many tourist traps. Tour groups, loud Americans, business men and women, Italians and Romanos, alike, enjoying Rome, their city whether for a lifetime or for a day, they share in the magnificent history that is Rome.
Rome feels like it’s saying, "Yes, history took place right here. History is Rome and all the best bits of history are on display for anyone who cares to see."
The streets twist and turn until they swirl into a mere pebble or a narrow passageway suddenly ends by opening onto a large plaza, or piazza, which you can’t be helped but to be sucked into it – sucked in my the entrancing sights, sounds, and an inexplicable excitement that comes from actually seeing and hearing these things in real life.

photos by/of me, baby.


  1. okay first of all the pictures speak for themselves. then you add your writing and i die inside because i now long to be there more than ever. thanks for letting me live vicariously through you by stalking this blog of yours. don't mind me and the many comments that will probably come flying your way.