Sunday, July 17, 2011

how to turn twenty-two

The best way to have a birthday, in my opinion, is to have in a European country. I know that my birthday was more than a month ago, but since I'm just catching you up, I'm telling you about my birthday in France. The birthday began with a visit to the Musee Orangerie, where the Monet's giant water lilies paintings are housed, along with other art, mostly from the late 19th century though the 1930ish ish.

And then we boarded our metro which took us straight to...

I told you it was an awesome birthday.
We spend most of the day there, fighting through the crowds on the inside of the palace and then exploring the acres and acres and acres and acres of gardens.

Then we made the best decision of our lives.
We rented rowboats and rowed on the grand canal of Versailles.

It gets better, too.
Because at the end of the grounds at Versailles, there is a little village that Marie Antoinette had built so that she could go there, dress up like a peasant, and escape the stresses of palace life. And this little village that she commissioned was pretty sure Belle's little town from Beauty & the Beast. Pretty sure.

That is what it's like to be twenty-two in France.


  1. aaaahhhhh kylie, i LOVE all of your paris/france pictures so much! they are making me need to get back there asap. too bad we're now $25,000 in debt for med school and will be firmly stuck in the states for 5 years.

    and happy late birthday! :)

  2. this looks way too amazing. and since my 22nd is creeping up next month, looks like i've got to find a way to get out there quick! i'm so glad you're having such amazing adventures. i really am so jealous and can't wait to have some of my own.