Friday, July 15, 2011

in honor of the duchess of cambridge

Did you know that Kate Middleton graduated in History of Art?
Yes, she is the very best. Also, so effortlessly gorgeous and so beautifully dressed. Always.

So, in honor of my favorite royal, here are some of my ever-so-creative outfits from this study abroad. Note that I brought like seven shirts, three pants, a couple skirts, and a couple cardigans. For a six-week trip. meaning i got super creative sometimes.
I'm on the far left. I call this look "Standard Uniform." V-neck T-shirt. Black pants. Toms. And trusty bag.

This is my traveling outfit. Blue pants. Tank top. Thin cardigan because trains are either very cold or very hot. Toms. Trusty bag.

A version of the Standard Uniform. Blue Pants. V-neck T-shirt. Jacket. Toms. Trusty bag.

Oh look! The same clothes. Blue pants. Tank Top to make you look like Juno if you have a. eaten recently or b. been caught in a rainstorm so all your clothes stick to you or c. both of the above. Heavier cardigan to battle English breezes...but not English downpours. Scarf. Toms. Trusty bag.

Perhaps the most important thing when in Europe is knowing how to dress up as country club as possible. I, clearly, am a master. Standard Uniform goes posh right here at the French Open.
They say colorblocking is in. I say colors, in general, are out. The very coolest thing you can do is wear the Stonewall High uniform, complete with matching notebook and pencil.

But, perhaps even more stylin is this hobo look that I'm sporting at the Cluny Museum. The trick is just to wear all your baggiest clothes all at the same time and don't bother to do your hair. Caution: this look is so effective that you may scare your friends when you accidentally walk into them, because they will think you are an actually hobo trying to pickpocket them. That is true.

i'm sure that the sartorialist would have been all up in my business had he seen me waltzing the European streets.

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  1. you're pretty funny. well, really funny. stonewall high. bahaha.