Thursday, May 19, 2011

pope country

Remember when I went to the smallest country in the world called The Vatican City and it's a country within the city of Rome? Yes, that is what happened to me and also where I had the coolest times ever because I saw the raddest art and churches.
I will list them and you raise your hand when you know what I'm talking about.
School of Athens.
Caravaggio's Entombment.
Augustus statue.
Sistine Chapel.
Seriously awesome stuff. (You don't have to raise your hand here.)

And then we hung out in St. Peter's square (it's totally not a square, so I might be making up that that is the name of it) and ate sandwiches and candy facing St. Peter's.

St. Peter's is fantastic. And huger than I ever thought possible for a building. My eyes have a hard time focusing on giant things and it get overwhelmed and sometimes I lean so far back that I almost fall down backwards.

Absolutely beautiful inside. So ornate. And saw my favorite favorite statue.

And then trained it to Florence, which is basically the most magical place ever. Maybe I want to get proposed to in Florence. Don't judge till you see it.
That is outside the room of our hotel.
And this is the river. All the best cities have rivers running through the middle of them.

Florence is full of twisty turns, but everything leads to like four main plazas or the river. Because it's so much smaller than Rome, it's so much more manageable and all the sites are within walking distance to each other.

Florence rocks.


  1. I'm so jealous, but also glad that I can live vicariously through you. AND I LOVE your gray colors and stripes. I think we are fashion sisters, except you're probably better at looking good than I am!!

  2. holy crap! i am dying. your pictures are gorgeous!