Friday, May 27, 2011

florence and siena.

I am so sorry for my bad posting. I get internet like every six days, but we're going to Paris at the end of the week, and we're hoping our internet has wi-fi, but for now, I'll just give you some pics and quick updates about our three days in Florence.
We loved Florence - she made a great first impression on us. As we arrived off the train, it was evening and the sun was setting over the river, which you already saw. Florence is home to beautiful churches and views, too, such as the famous Duomo, and the beautiful views from above the city. I could happily live in Florence.

Florence is full of markets, cathedrals, cobblestones, and art.
And David as in Michelangelo's David, of whom I was not particularly fond until I saw him in real life. It was awesome, for lack of a cooler word.

We also took a trip to Siena for the afternoon, where we ate delicious carbs, as usual, and also saw some art, as usual. Siena is a quaint Medieval town and I would like to go back someday and explore all those twisty streets a little more.

Yep. Italy is good.

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