Friday, May 27, 2011

casino royale and casanova

And the Italian Job, obviously, but that doesn't alliterate as well with my title.
To what do I refer?

Whenever I think of faraway places, I picture them in my mind, usually based on a movie/vivid descriptions in books, but usually when I get to said faraway place, it's a little different than I imagined...which isn't a bad thing, usually. It's just different.
However, Venice is just what I imagined.
Because we got off the train in the morning and once we got out of the train station, I took this little video:

That is really what it looks like!
And there were the smells of fishy water mixed with delicious paninis, which sounds weird, but I like the ambiance. The colors! Ah, the colors of Venice just made me drool. Bright stucco against the glittery canals - gorgeous and oh-so picturesque!

Don't worry, I have an apartment picked out in a beautiful yellow building facing the grand canal and you can all come visit me and we will shop the streets of Venice all day long for beautiful Murano glass and Venetian masks.
Because this place is totally in my top ten.


  1. oooh. I want to go there. lyt

  2. oh my goodness! it looks just like casino royale and the italian job. Oh man, those pictures are glorious!!