Thursday, June 2, 2011

'ello mate

So, as you may know, I am basically in love with London. With England, in general, but particularly in love with London, just because I was there on a study abroad a couple years ago. So, imagine my freaking-out-ness of getting to go back to London. Actually, here, here is a picture of my excitement so you don't have to stretch out your imagination too much:

Yes. Very very glad. And we landed and flew over green vegetation and people speak English! Ah, refreshing after nodding stupidly all the time in Italy. So, we land and then, voila! LONDON, BABY.
So the day after the night we arrived, I decided to lead people on a walking tour of this city so we could the famous sites and get a feel for the city. Ah! I love the Tube, I love walking the city, I love the sites! I feel like everything was so glad to see me and I felt like I was seeing old friends. I may or may not have tried to hug Big Ben. It's fine.

But yes, I dragged my friends on a long walk. They are troopers. And it was an awesome walk, starting at the Tower of London ending in Trafalgar Square, with a ton of stuff in between, including delicious food (of course) and snagging wifi at McDonalds and a wee bit of window shopping.

That's not even the best part of my day.
Because I went with a friend over to the BYU London Centre, because she has a friend in the program there now and wanted to see the friend. And I obviously want to go to the Centre, so we go over together and we ring and ask if we can see her friend, and they are in the middle of a fireside and we're like, oh no.
It's called they let us INSIDE the London Centre to sit and listen to the end of the fireside and then HANG OUT in the parlor and servery afterwards.
I was weeping, literally, for a solid few minutes when we first walked inside and climbed that beautiful creaking staircase. It was so awesome to be in there again for that hour or so.

I will live in London when I grow up...somehow...I can busk, right?
London rocks my world.


  1. you look really good in london

  2. You went back to the London center!? You are so lucky! I miss it there SO MUCH!!!!!!!