Wednesday, June 8, 2011

romp through jane austen land

The second part of the England daytrip was like being in a Jane Austen novel and I'm totally legit in saying that because I have read all her novels and I currently read Pride & Prejudice when I'm on the Tube/metro/underground/whateveryouwanttocallit. So, we went to Stourhead and I was lagging behind the group the whole time because I was taking pictures of this estate. This place is absolutely incredible and so beautiful. I wanted to walk around the estate wearing an empire dress and really complete the look.

Did we watch Pride & Prejudice immediately following this daytrip. Yes, yes we did. Typical. Awesome.

Don't worry, I did, in fact, rock a side ponytail for the majority of the day. They're coming back. As are overall shorts, I'm sorry to say.

Our next stop after Stourhead...Bath! I love Bath! It is such a charming place and I am planning to buy a flat on the Royal Crescent someday. You're all invited to stay over.

 this picture is right after the I gave my class presentation on the Royal Crescent. I chose to present somewhere where I could move around and be loud and excited.

England is the best. Don't worry, soon I will talk about my awesome adventures in France!


  1. I am sooooo jealous! This is Stephanie by the way!

  2. did you drink the bath water? hehe

  3. sooo beautiful! when we were in england last summer, we were like 20 minutes away from the manor where they filmed "Pride and Prejudice" AND THEY DIDN'T LET US STOP. we were so mad. seeing this post made me want to go to england just to see that.
    and yay france!!! can't wait to see that post!

  4. Bath is one of my favs too. I'm just dying over here Kylie.