Monday, July 4, 2011

hanging with the impressionists

Much of the day was given to exploring the Montmartre area, where many of the Impressionist painters hung out. We also visited Sacre Coeur while we were at it.

 This is the Moulin de la Galette, a place for the fashionable of Paris to meet and mingle, captured in Renoir's beautiful piece, Bal de Moulin de la Galette.

 The walk ended with at the Moulin Rouge.
So enjoy this clip:


  1. ahhh i love monmartre! if you came down the hill to moulin rouge, you might have walked past the cafe where amelie was filmed. (sort of unimpressive in real life, but i was excited about it) your photos are beautiful! and i totally missed seeing van gogh's brother's house...dang!