Sunday, July 3, 2011

today i saw a mummified heart and the royal opera house

Sometimes we say sentences like this to one another, just because it's normal, it's our life now.

We went to St. Denis, a cathedral where many French royalty are buried or commemorated, since many of the bodies of royalty were exhumed and desecrated and destroyed during the French Revolution. St. Denis is named after St. Denis (obviously), who is the patron saint of Paris. The story goes that St. Denis was beheaded, and then he picked up his head and walked from the site of execution at Montmartre to the place where St. Denis Cathedral is now, and there he died. Voila.

the stained glass was beautiful, with the morning sunlight coming in at just the right time.

We went down into the crypt at St. Denis. And found the mummified heart of the Dauphin, killed during the French Revolution. Gross.

We then took a visit to the Royal Opera House. One of my very very favorite places I've been so far. So lavish and really very stunning.

And ended the day by visiting the Arc de Triomphe, which, like other famous sites, just sort of jumps out at you when you get off the Metro, just how I like it.

i live a good life.

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