Wednesday, July 13, 2011

rainy day with rodin

I have always been amazed by sculpture. I mean, they either scraping out or hacking at or building touching pieces using stone, metal, wood, and it really is incredible. So, I was very very excited to visit the Rodin museum, where many of his sculptures are featured in the outdoor garden as well as inside the manor. Also, his lover/assistance, Camille Claudel, had many pieces features as well, and I think I like her work sue me. But it was all very touching and amazing.

This piece is called "Cathedral."
i love love love love love it.

And this is one of Camille Claudel's works, The Dance.  Hauntingly beautiful, I think. Especially in the context of her personal situation at the time, in regards to her deteriorating relationship with Rodin and all the negative critiques she was receiving from critics.

And then a deliciously posh dinner with good food and good company.

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